How I Use Google’s Site Kit Plugin on my WordPress Website

Google Site Kit is a free plugin offered by Google that allows you to connect various Google services and tools to your WordPress site. It’s a very good plugin but many site owners don’t realize how much you can do with Site Kit (and how much time it saves you!). If you’re building a website … Read more

Cost Breakdown of Running GitHub Enterprise Server on Google Cloud

I recently deployed a GitHub Enterprise Server instance on Google Cloud as a test to see how much it would cost to run for one week, and also test out some of the features of GitHub Enterprise. The installation instructions that I used are located here, and walk you through from start to finish on … Read more

Mailchimp vs. Klayvio – Which Email Marketing Solution Is Best?

If you’re looking to send email marketing campaigns to your audience, you have a lot of options to choose from. The top contenders for email marketing are Mailchimp and Klayvio. We’ll take a deeper look at the features of each solution, understand the pricing options, and give a few suggestions to see which service is … Read more

Shopify vs. Squarespace – Which Solution Is Best For Your Store?

shopify versus squarespace

Shopify and Squarespace are both very powerful website platforms that are used by millions of people worldwide. In this comparison, we are going to examine the pros and cons of each website builder in comparison to each other. The main benefit that users will find when comparing the two services is that Shopify was built primarily just … Read more

8 Essential Shopify Apps to Drive More Sales (2023 Guide)

As a business owner, you know how important it is to stand out from the crowd and increase your visibility in the marketplace. Shopify, one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms, offers an abundance of tools and integrations that could make your business marketing and growth as simple as possible. Haven’t set up a Shopify … Read more

Shopify vs Etsy: What Platform Is Best For Your Business? (2023)

shopify vs etsy on blue background

Over the past few years, e-commerce has exploded, and the number of e-commerce platforms has grown to meet the demand. Two of the most popular choices in the market for many business owners and entrepreneurs large and small are Shopify and Etsy.  Both platforms offer an array of tools to help new businesses launch their … Read more

Mailchimp vs. ActiveCampaign – A Complete Review

mailchimp vs. activecampaign review

Most business owners and startup experts can agree that launching a business, growing it into a successful endeavor, and then keeping it relevant in the minds of the consumer can be challenging. At the forefront of any successful business, you will likely find an email marketing program such as Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign working behind the … Read more

6 Free Tools for Competitor Keyword Research

article image that shows a blue background with the words 6 free tools for competitor keyword research

There are many tools out there that can calculate the difficulty to rank different keywords. The problem is that most of the really good programs available on the market cost a good amount of money – so what if you just have a few keywords you want to research? Luckily, there are many tools that … Read more

Are Survey Sites Really Worth It To Make Money Online?

survey with blue backgroubd

You see it everywhere – recommended on every “Make Money” and “Personal Finance” website – taking surveys can make you money, from the comfort of your own home! But is taking surveys actually a way to make money, or is it an overhyped waste of your time? The reality is that survey sites are not … Read more

Wealthfront: A Complete Review Of The Online Investment Manager

wealth front review

Over the past year I’ve been actively involved in putting money into Wealthfront, a so called “robo-advisor” that, for lack of a better explanation, invests your money for you in numerous diversified investment opportunities depending on the risk you are willing to take. I decided that would be a wise decision to invest my money instead … Read more