Cost Breakdown of Running GitHub Enterprise Server on Google Cloud

I recently deployed a GitHub Enterprise Server instance on Google Cloud as a test to see how much it would cost to run for one week, and also test out some of the features of GitHub Enterprise. The installation instructions that I used are located here, and walk you through from start to finish on what you’ll need to do in order to get GitHub running on Google Cloud.

What settings did I use on Google Cloud?

I installed GitHub Enterprise v3.8, but the GitHub version shouldn’t matter too much. In Google Cloud, I was in us-central1-c for the VM zone, which might be more expensive depending on the zone you choose. My VM machine type was n1-standard-8, but be warned that Google Cloud warned me that the instance was over utilized and may perform better with more memory. I was the only user that used the GitHub environment during this time, and only created a handful of repositories and images/media that was uploaded to storage.

Costs of Running GitHub Enterprise on Google Cloud

The costs for running GitHub Enterprise Server 3.8 for one week in Google Cloud was $73.32 after discounts and credits ($3.33).

cost of running GitHub enterprise for one week on Google Cloud
You can see that the total cost hovers around 9-$10 per day, depending on usage and volume of media in your storage buckets

Here is a breakdown of the services that were used during this time, along with discounts and subtotals:

cost breakdown of Google Cloud based on service and SKU
The biggest expenditures from this list are the N1 Predefined Instance Core and N1 Predefined Instance Ram, along with a few bucks for storage (I only uploaded a few photos and media files).

Finally, the detailed cost breakdown gives a summary as to why I was given discounts and credits. You can see that there was a “Sustained use discount” which amounted to $2.75 – I wasn’t sure what this was originally, but after doing more digging I found that a sustained use discount is basically a discount for keeping the VM service up and running consistently for a define period of time in a calendar month. Interesting!

discounts in Google Cloud for running a VM and other services

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