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[Guide] How To Add An Email Account From BlueHost In Gmail

Bluehost lets you create a custom email address with your own domain. Unfortunately, the Bluehost webmail applications aren't that great, and I much prefer to use Gmail to compose emails and respond to inquires. In this guide, I'll show you how to connect...


Guide: How To View Recently Played Songs on iOS 10

With the launch of iOS 10 comes a redesigned Apple Music app – and with that, the location of many features such as the recently played songs list has been moved to place that you probably aren’t familiar with in iOS 10. There is some good and bad...


Apple Watch Photos

Here are some photos of the Apple Watch. They are high-quality, png, and ready to use for projects or mockups. Enjoy! (And if you feel like it, link back to this site to help me out!)


(Solution) Contact Form 7 Issues – “Your contact form has a configuration issue”

The mantra for this week is: "Why fix something that isn't broken?" but, alas, here we are and forced to deal with it or else none of your customers will be able to send messages through your contact form just based on the newest Contact Form 7 Version 4.4...


[Guide] How To Disable Ad-Blockers For Webmasters

If you’re like me and run sites that make money primarily through Google AdSense or similar advertising platforms, it can be very frustrating that a portion of the users visiting the site circumvent the ads with ad blockers. As ad blocker adoption...