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Check out the Wiyre YouTube channel to see all of our video tutorials. Subscribe to the channel to receive the latest videos right when they come out! Wiyre covers a wide range of How-To guides to overcome common e-commerce issues, like setting up your Shopify store and configuring your Mailchimp email campaigns. If you have a video tutorial that you think would be a great addition, or solve a common website problem, please suggest it via a comment on one of our videos, thanks!

Videos show your product to potential customers better than photos. See how you can embed videos on Shopify pages, themes, and products using the Shopify Embed Video code.
Keep tabs on your website even when you’re away, with uptime checks and alerts from New Relic. Prefer reading instead? Follow our guide on setting up alerts on New Relic here.
In this video, learn how to setup a MailChimp campaign from scratch – this guide is for beginners.
Learn how to embed the Facebook page plugin on WordPress and show visitors recent posts

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