Mailchimp vs. Klayvio – Which Email Marketing Solution Is Best?

If you’re looking to send email marketing campaigns to your audience, you have a lot of options to choose from. The top contenders for email marketing are Mailchimp and Klayvio. We’ll take a deeper look at the features of each solution, understand the pricing options, and give a few suggestions to see which service is … Read more

How to Import Contacts to Mailchimp

how to import contacts to mailchimp

Have a bunch of contacts that you want to start emailing? Mailchimp allows you to import and store contact information, such as name, email address, location, and much more. Once you import your contacts to Mailchimp you can begin to send campaigns and segment your subscribers for different marketing purposes. Contacts can be found and … Read more

Mailchimp for Nonprofits: More Than Just a Discount

mailchimp for nonprofits

As with any company, nonprofits are required to invest heavily in marketing to create awareness, boost social engagement and garner enough attention to attract potential donors to their causes. Similar to any profit-driven company, email marketing will likely form part of a well-balanced marketing strategy for nonprofits as well.  There are a few email platforms … Read more

Mailchimp vs. ActiveCampaign – A Complete Review

mailchimp vs. activecampaign review

Most business owners and startup experts can agree that launching a business, growing it into a successful endeavor, and then keeping it relevant in the minds of the consumer can be challenging. At the forefront of any successful business, you will likely find an email marketing program such as Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign working behind the … Read more

How to Set Up SPF & DKIM Records In Mailchimp

how to set up SPF & DKIM records in mailchimp

Mailchimp allows you to configure SPF and DKIM records to authenticate your custom domain. You can still send emails without authenticating your domain, but some major email service providers (like Gmail or Yahoo Mail) may mark your emails as spam if you don’t have the proper SPF & DKIM records. Adding these records and authenticating … Read more