12 Ways To Optimize And Speed Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress can be super quick if you have it configured correctly, but usually what happens is that it gets bogged down over time by inefficiencies – so I wrote this to help you find out what could be slowing your site down, and how to go about fixing it. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Little bit of a disclaimer: I have … Read more

Solution: WordPress Website Displays 404 Errors On All Pages Except Homepage

wordpress fixing 404 errors

Recently I ran into the issue where one of my WordPress websites was only allowing visitors to visit the homepage. Clicking on any other page inside the site resulted in a 404 Error hosted by BlueHost, my hosting provider, and the page would not load even after I reset my cache. If you run into … Read more

8 Tips To Hiring Your First Freelancer on UpWork.com

8 tips to hiring on upwork.com

After reading the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris, I decided that I was going to venture out into the world of virtual assistants and freelancers to see if they could make my life easier and do some of the tasks that take up a large portion of my time. I headed over to UpWork (formerly Elance … Read more

Countries Banned From Obtaining TLS/SSL Certificates

Certificate Authorities must abide by government-mandated sanctions (commonly referred to as Foreign Sanctions Evaders List (OFAC) sanctions) against governments and regimes. In abiding to sanctions, TLS/SSL certificates cannot be issued to countries that are restricted. The following table provides a list of certificate providers, and the list of banned or embargoes countries which cannot be … Read more

What Is An EV (Green Bar) SSL Certificate?

There are a few different SSL certificates available out there to apply to your website(s) to increase security and ensure your users that you’re legit. The highest (best) SSL certificate currently available is the Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate, commonly referred to by webmasters as the “Green Bar” cert. It looks like this and you’ll probably … Read more

6 Free Tools for Competitor Keyword Research

There are many tools out there that can calculate the difficulty to rank different keywords. The problem is that most of the really good programs available on the market cost a good amount of money – so what if you just have a few keywords you want to research? Luckily, there are many tools that … Read more

(Solution) Contact Form 7 Issues – “Your contact form has a configuration issue”

contact form 7 update

The mantra for this week is: “Why fix something that isn’t broken?” but, alas, here we are and forced to deal with it or else none of your customers will be able to send messages through your contact form just based on the newest Contact Form 7 Version 4.4 update. Frustrating. I know.

New Website Launch Checklist – What To Do When Launching A New Website

new website checklist

I make a ton of websites and I often forget simple things that are important. I made this checklist so that when I make a new site, I’m sure to check each one of these to-do items off the list so I don’t forget anything vitally important next time. Hopefully it helps you too. I’ll … Read more