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Craigslist Cashiers Check Scam – How to Spot and Avoid

I use Craigslist all the time – usually it’s painless and I meet with the buyer in person and complete the transaction, but other times I get weird text messages from strangers who want to send me extra money to cover “shippers fees” or other ridiculous charges that you wouldn’t normally have to worry about. I ran into one of these scammers a few weeks ago when I was trying to sell a DJ Turntable, so I went along with it to see what would happen and I documented the whole process below to show people what really happens when scammers try to trick you on Craigslist. To most people, falling for something like this can be avoided due to the “too good to be true” principle, but for people who don’t use Criagslist that often or are generally too trusting of other people, consider this a guide to avoiding this type of scam in the future.

Note: Scams like this are illegal, although it is very unlikely the perpetrators will ever be caught because they usually originate overseas. These scams are usually violating multiple laws including Forgery, Mail + Wire Fraud, and Check Fraud, which is a felony in most states. 

Before you read this story, you should keep in mind that any person who tries to use a cashiers check is usually scamming you, even if the check looks legit. You should never accept a cashiers check from someone on Craigslist. I’m going to re-word that: You should never accept anything other than cash on Craigslist.

The Bait

The Craigslist scam starts off simple enough. With a text message that mentions the item and a introduction.

text 1

The first text received from the scammer

So immediately off the bat your BS alarm should be going off because the person doesn’t even ask if the item is available, he is probably using a web script to go through each Craigslist listing and scrape the title of the post, then message the owner of the item in hopes of a response. Most people will ignore messages like this, but because I want to mess with him, I’ll follow along and even ask for $50 more on top of the original price. Of course he will give it to me.

Also notice how he states he’s an Army officer. This will be important to remember later. Craigslist scammers usually use personas of people who are in the military, don’t ask me why, maybe it adds another layer of trust, or maybe it fits the story of being overseas. (But we have to beg the question…why exactly is Richard, a supposed Army officer, trying to purchase a DJ Turntable? Oh well, let’s continue and see how this plays out.)

criagslist scammer confused

He asks for my shipping address, and I gladly provide (You should never do this. By the way. But for the sake of the story I provided a fake name and an apartment address without a specific apartment number. Better safe than sorry.) By now you should realize the weird formatting of his messages, cutting off words at random places. That is because he’s probably using a free online VoIP phone like Google Voice, because the phone number he is using is easily replaceable and can be changed incase his number becomes associated with scams.

Part three of the scam

Richard provides a tracking number, and follow up to see if the package arrives

The tracking number is real. It does track the package. Richard asks me to take down the listing (probably because he doesn’t want to make a fool of himself and accidentally scrape the result again and message me asking the the same thing). Of course, I don’t take it down. Because I need to still sell it.

package from the scammer

Lo and behold – a few days after Richard sends the message with the tracking number, the package arrives. The “From” address is real and it looks like a company that was probably used at random, but it’s not located in the same ZIP code that the package was sent from. At this point our buddy Richard has spent at least $5.25 to ship me the flat rate envelope. I sleep well at night knowing that I cause the scammer to part with his $5.

fake cashiers check

This is the check that was inside. The remitter and signature are different. The document does not have microprinting, and screams low quality. It also feels like regular printer paper but it does have the serrated edges that you usually find on checks, so at least it has that going for it. At this point in time what people who have fallen for the scam do is take this to their bank and deposit it. The bank usually will not have a problem with it at all, the money will be available in your bank within the next few days, and you will send “Richard” the item that he paid for as well as the extra shipping money. About two weeks later you’ll get a message from the bank stating that the check you deposited was fraudulent, and now YOU are responsible for paying back the amount that you spent on Richards shipping agent, as well as anything else.

deposit cashiers check and asking him about the army

Notice, also, how Richard now is in the Marines, where earlier he said he was Army.

The Office of Comptroller of Currency sums this up real nicely:

The result of these scams is that the fraudulent check will be returned unpaid. The bank will then deduct the amount of the check from your account or otherwise seek repayment from you, and you will lose either the goods that you sold, the money that you sent to the third party, or both.

If you do find yourself a victim of scam like this, you’re really out of luck. Usually they are located overseas and mask their identity (Remember: Google Voice sets up a phone number for any area code you want, easily spoofing the caller into thinking that the text message comes from a local number.) You can try and file a complaint with the following locations if you really feel like you have a chance of recovering:

  • Scams, generally–Federal Trade Commission (FTC):by telephone at 1-877-FTC-HELP or file an electronic complaint via their Internet site at http://www.ftc.gov.
  • Internet-based scams–Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Fraud Complaint Center: http://www.ic3.gov.
  • Mail-based scams–U.S. Postal Inspector Service:by telephone at 1-888-877-7644, by mail at U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Office of Inspector General, Operations Support Group, 222 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1250, Chicago, IL60606-6100 or via e-mail at https://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/forms/MailFraudComplaint.aspx.

(Taken from occ.gov)

At this point in the story I took the check to the bank and reported it as fraud, but nothing will probably ever happen because, again, the scammer is likely overseas. I messed with Richard one last time just to see if he would send me another check, but I think he realized that he’d been duped and I was just trying to inconvenience him.

richard runs into problems

Messing with him at this point. The check was already shredded and I didn’t deposit it

The rest is pretty boring, just him messaging me asking about the check and me responding that the bank wouldn’t take it. Eventually he never replied and I’ve since forgotten about it, but I thought you might find it interesting to see what happens when someone falls for a scam like this, luckily I haven’t had to learn the hard way and have heard of this scam before I started selling on Craigslist, but for those of you who are just hearing about this now, I have one last word of advice:

Never, ever, accept a cashiers check from someone on Craigslist!

There have been a few people emailing me asking what to do if they already gave the scammer their phone number/address/personal info. To be completely honest, you are most likely fine. The scammer has probably had this happen to them 100’s of times, so even though your info is out there, it’s very unlikely that they will try to do anything with it.

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  • Renay

    Thanks so much for this article. I actually just had one of these guys message me and told them to EFF off. lol Have a great day! 🙂

    • Wiyre

      Glad it helped!!!

  • Randy White

    I am the same way, I love jacking with them and costing them money, making them pay postage on the check. When It arrives I hit them with the heartbreaking news that I contacted the bank to verify the check and guess what. I cant seem to be able to get that done. Then I inform them that most American banks have a new instant verifying system and this check is no good…..It just breaks there heart…..lol

  • Jeff Doty

    The first sign is when he asks if it is still available the title is exactly as it states on the ad. He is texting me right now. I’m going to mess with him too. It’s sad but I’m sure a lot of people still fall for this stuff.

    • DRS

      I knew something felt fishy with this sale. Your blog reads almost exactly like my experience. Got the check today and can’t wait to call them out. Glad to know I cost them the UPS postage!

  • Jeff Doty

    Notice the name I gave him in my pictures. The address is to our local Pinellas County Sheriffs Office.

    • jimcrich

      LOL, I gave the scammer the address of the local police for his “mover” to pick up the item – not that there is a “mover” at all! I plan to send back the scammer’s bad check if I get their address!

    • Nnyl Ssiard

      I could have written this article. Exact same story. Especially the movers. The guy was going to send movers to my house. I called the bank of the cashier check and, of course, it was a frauddy checky…It was $1600 over the amount I was selling the item for. I am now playing with this guy and asking for another check. Oh, I’m also asking him what kind of music he likes. I have also told him what a great dad he was and that he is a nice man.

  • Scott Y

    Just got the same scammer, ticked all the boxes, over-payment, exact title, and another red flag they didn’t want any details on the item, even when pressed; I guess they didn’t even know what it was. At least they are out the overnight shipping. Thanks for posting this, saved a lot of headaches

  • Jillian Marohnic

    Haha this just happened to me and I had a feeling that it was strange. Searched and came up with your article. Thanks!!

    • Glad it helped Jillian 🙂

    • Ganeen Tucker

      Same here it helps

  • Angie B

    Thank you so much for posting this! Got the same exact scam and being new to Craigslist almost fell for it. Thank goodness I googled and found this! Saved a heartache for sure!

    • Wiyre

      Glad that it helped!

  • Thomas J.

    Just got the same scam. Have them the address to the FBI to send the check to and used the FBI directors name for them to send it to.

    • jobaafred

      Great idea

    • Ganeen Tucker

      Howww !

    • Roxann Huffman

      LOL, that’s a great idea, or the attorney general’s office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Roxann Huffman

        Attorney general of Texas:
        Ken Paxton
        PO Box 12548
        Austin, TX 78711-2548

  • jobaafred

    This scam is running rampant. I’ve received 2 emails and 3 texts in 2 weeks for one item I’m selling. Most have vague description of the item. I just respond that I know it’s a scam. I love the idea of messing with the scammer!

  • Kaitlyn R

    Just got the same thing!!! Goes by the name of “Emily Bennett.” Wanted to send me more than the $600 for my washer and dryer, so that I could pay the moving company she was supposedly going to send to pick up the set. According to her, she was out of the area for a funeral and couldnt pick it up herself. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of this type of scam before I gave the person my
    address…now I’m a bit worried that they’ll use that information. I
    really hate people like this. Like come on.

    • I wouldn’t be that concerned about giving them your address. Usually they are all overseas and send out hundreds of messages a day trying to scam you. It’s extremely unlikely that anything will happen by just giving your address.

    • Charlene

      This just happened to me today. I realized it was scam after he wrote the check for too much money. Now I’m worried someone will come to my house.
      And what to I do with the fake check…

  • Jarmaine Evans

    Thanks for this post. It just happened to me as well. I posted an ad on Craigslist for a washer and dryer. The text messages quickly started coming.

    Same situation…they were in the military away on deployment and wanted to send me extra to pay the movers.

    Thanks again.

  • Jeffrey Doty

    Funny shit. And they keep coming. The sad part is people will continue to fall for their scam.

  • Mac a’Bhaird

    I’ve gotten these texts before and just deleted them. And just today received another. My question is, if the scammer gives me time for the check to clear, how can he scam me? Here is a copy of his text:

    “Thanks for the reply,am willing to pay the price and I will be paying you with a certified bank check and after fully clears with you, my movers will come for the pick up and i don’t mind giving you extra $50 to hold it in my favor.Text me with your Name & Mailing Address and i will have the payment mailed out immediately. Let me know if this is fine with you Today.”

    • He will not wait for the check to clear, he will try to trick you instead and pressure you into sending him money, probably with guilt. Ignore him and don’t fall victim!

    • Rimma Neftina

      Exactly my question. How can they scam if check will not be cleared?

    • Bags

      They’re probably banking on you trusting them. Worst case for them, the check doesn’t clear, you don’t send item and kickback, and they move on in search for the next victim.

  • RenegadeJay

    I have sold almost everything I own on Craigslist recently and I get these text often, I always provide a fake name and address and when they give me the tracking number and tell me the pkg had the wrong address I tell them I know it’s a scam lol

  • Brian S

    Just so you know, even with a legitimate cashiers check, the remitter’s name will always differ from the authorized signature. This is because the bank is issuing the check and an authorized signer of the bank will sign the cashiers check, not the remitter. What doesn’t make sense is that Richard is buying the item but Carla is listed as the remitter (though he could just say that’s his wife).

  • Douglas McFadden

    Thank you for this. It sounded fishy so Googled certified check craigslist. Glad I did. Here is our conversation. Haven’t heard back. Go figure.

  • Charli

    Thank you for your informative article! This just happened to me on Offer Up.

  • Albert Sutlick

    When you get the cashier’s check, just call the bank at their real number that you have looked up on the internet, give them the check number, the amount, the date, and the remitter, and ask them if they issued it. If not, you can have fun with the scammer feeling very good about it. If they did issue it, the check is valid since the bank won’t issue one until they have the funds in their hands, and it can only be cancelled by returning the voided check

  • KIKI

    It’s totally a scam that’s exactly what they tell you, they will give you extra money so you pay for shipping cost or an agent that just happened to me and the over payment me so I had to pay the agent $750 and sent a moneygram which if you’re trying to catch a scam if you send money thru moneygram is the worst company to deal with. I didn’t know Cashier’s check in your bank will clear the next day and then find out the fake check and fraud after you sent products, money or even both. The bank Chase couldn’t even verify another Chase Cashier’s check they noticed it’s fake after 7 business days. Please be very careful they stole me 750 dollars. I search in Google the phone number but no spam comments because they probably changed it. I filed a claim with my bank and a police report but the worst part is that my bank froze my account and they think I’m part of the fraud

  • W.

    THANK YOU for saving us from this scam! Your article was ‘spot on’ with what was happening to us! We are messing with our scammer right now. He is persistent to keep asking us to get that check deposited. Thanks so much!!!

    • You’re welcome! Glad to hear this helped!

  • Brittany Shirvani

    This exact thing just happened to me. It seemed sketchy that he didnt ask a single question about what I was selling and the phone number had an area code no where near me. So I searched google and came accross this- Thank you! The texts he sent are below
    Thanks, lets consider the deal sealed. I will be using the services of a mover who will come on my behalf, to check condition and pick up. I will send a Cashier Check to cover the cost. Do provide full name to be written on check, full address,it will be required in order to issue and mail out check. Please delete the add from the site. Pick up will be made after the check has cleared. -Richard

    • Bags

      Just got this one:

      “Would you accept mailing you a Cashiers Check and wait till it clears off your bank before pickup commence?”

      After reading this thread now I know that I can mess with them and cost them time and shipping costs.

      Clearly these scams are working on a certain percent of the population which is disappointing.

  • Queie

    Help! I’m concerned. This happene
    d to me last night and though it felt fishy, I didn’t think I’d be at risk because he said he would send a mover, so I wouldn’t have to ship anything or pay anyone. So, in my exhausted stupor, I sent my address.

    I’m worried now that someone will show up at my home. I have already emailed him to confront him, told him that the address I sent was fake, and that I was reporting his account. But will he send a mover to my address? What can happen? What have I done?!

    • jimcrich

      They WON’T send any “mover”. They just want you to send “someone” some money for the so-called “mover” so PLEASE do not give them any money of any kind and tear up the “cashiers check” they will send you or have your bank VERIFY it but DON’T DEPOSIT IT!!! No mover will ever show up at your door or anybody else’s door!!!!

  • Diane

    Just happened to us to the “T”. We called the bank and they said it looked legitimate but we were still skeptical so we googled and your post came up. Thanks for your help!

  • MrsFuzzy

    Thanks so much. Just had a similar situation. At first I said ok to cashier’s check, but something felt off. I searched for similar situations and came up with your post. I just messaged back that I can only accept cash at the time of pickup and will not hold. I’m guessing I won’t hear from them again. I really appreciate you sharing your story!

  • Denny

    My scammer was a little more savvy and talked me down on the price. Hadn’t seen this article but ended up figuring it out. When he asked me to send the receipt to his cell, I sent him a picture of my bare ass. He called me a liar and I told him I had contacted the police and we would let them decide who was lying. Never heard back.

  • Recon Ranger

    I am glad I found this post. My wife and I recently had a death in the family and we are now in the process of trying to sell some of the items we inherited. We just don’t have the room. I have been using Craigslist to post them and sure enough I have received several test messages asking if they can send me a cashiers check for the items.

    After a few google searches, I cam across this post.

  • jimcrich

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9af1f8d7a899681958a70597922cfb3ff55108bb74948c87db5eded27db45a54.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3f84a15089c5286e163ef6274fda5d4126d282fb0f191f92ab9b787c5301c8a3.jpg

    Am in the middle of same scam over at VarageSale and have the bad check here. Waiting for Scammer to give me an address to send the “movers funds to then I’ll play dumb and string the idiot along for a little while before going to the FBI or post office with the bad check. I’ve seen this same scam before while selling my wife’s painting online.

    • Well done! Waste their money 🙂

  • Kathy N

    Yep…got the same exact deal on my phone — 3 people popped up at almost the exact same time….within 3-5 minutes after the post! None of them had a local area code (I know that with people moving around now this is not a “dead giveaway”, but it seemed off). They all wanted me to respond to their “Private email”….however, I started texting a conversation with one of them, and sure enough, they started with the cashier’s check thing. That’s when I went to the internet and found your article…thanks so much! I changed the ad to “local” and “cash only”. I texted all of them back with that information, and have heard nothing else from them!

  • tonio

    anyone gotten a text about buying items from a 424-284-xxxx number?

  • David Colliver

    Yes, just wanted to join in the fun as I just got the same scam attempting to sell a set of used snow tires. I was close to falling for it as I haven’t been on Craigslist for so long and the text came about 10 minutes after I posted so I was thinking, “oh wow, I’m going to be able to sell these tires real quick.” The text came from 424 area code and over time, things just smelled fishy and not right. Cashiers check, third party, everything listed in this comment thread they were throwing at me. I then pulled back after I realized what was happening and it was just “too good to be true” and sounded a bit too complicated. Very happy to have found this thread. Thanks for putting it together and adding to it.

    • Hey you’re welcome! Glad it helped!

  • Franc Newbury

    Wow! Thanks so much for this info! 12 hours after posting, I received a text from 775-470-6344 asking about my Craigslist item – their text read exactly the same as my ad. Wants to send a cashiers check. Their area code is for Nevada, I’m in Virginia. My ad states “Cash only”.

    Again, thank you!

  • Ganeen Tucker

    Wow this helped me before i turned into the big elephant in the room wow id get supposedly 900 and i have to deduct 300 for myself and make the payments to walmart keep reciepts 2 wow it seemed so legit ive been fooled its a horrible thing to do to people seriously im so happy my grandmother still has custodial lock on my account i love her for this i dont like making any fraudulent federal agreements online .

  • Ams

    I just told a guy I would accept his cashiers check on a selling app. He asked for my name address and phone number for the check so I sent it and he hasn’t responded. Now I don’t want to do this because I’m wary but can he still scam me in some way with the info he already has now?

  • Dana Wilson

    Almost word for word I got the same inquiry on a Craigslist camera post I put up. Even the wording of having a “mover.” Something didn’t feel right so I did research and came across this. Thank you!

  • Rimma Neftina

    I don’t understand what the scammer
    will get from it? Check will not be cleared and you will not ship him your item. What he gets from it???

    • ModernTenshi04

      You didn’t read the article carefully. The gist is this:

      You cash the check at your bank, and they accept it. It’ll clear and the money is now in your account. You think everything is good and send the scammer the item.

      A week or two later your bank realizes the check bad and seeks to get their money back. You lose the money because you’re on the hook for cashing a bad check, and the scammer got your item for little more than the cost of mailing you a fake check.

      • Rimma Neftina

        ok, thank you… I still think that there is something else to it… I was selling old car on Craiglist, wanted just $500… yes, I received few text messages out of area who exactly were asking for my info to send me check… but did they expect me to mail them the car???

        • Family Bernath

          Bless you for this article! I “sold” something for $300 and got a cashiers check for $1750! I’m afraid I would have been one of the gullible ones if I hadn’t googled and found you.
          I’m not very happy that they have all my contact info. Is there anything I need to do to protect myself?

    • doughall

      Usually the scammer sends you more money than you asked for. So, you want $100, and he sends $500. He tells you he made an error, and to cash the check and send him $400 back from the proceeds of the check. You do that, and because your account has enough funds (outside of his cashed check) the bank sends out a good check. His “mover” or person who is supposed to contact you to pick up your item never calls. A week later he has cashed your check and now has real money. Your bank calls you and tells you the original check was bad and they’ve deducted the amount from your real money to cover it. Cashiers checks don’t clear instantly. People think they clear instantly because the bank gives you near instant credit, but they still have to send through the Federal Reserve system and collect. Even with a cashiers check this can take a week or longer depending on who it is drawn on. You just sent him $500 of good funds. That’s what he gets.

      • Rimma Neftina

        This makes more sense. Thank you for explaining it.

  • Frank from Ga

    Just received a cashiers check for $1940.00 from a Brent Grisham. I also received one about 2 months ago from someone else. I too feel like I’m contributing to they’re demise by at least costing them the postage and handling.

  • Crystal ‘Kershaw’ Chapman

    Thank you for doing this! My husband got one of these and I didn’t feel comfortable. Your article helped!!

  • Charlene

    This just happened to me. At first I agreed to accept the check, then he texted the check was made for the wrong amount can you send the difference. I’m thinking ok, I had that mistake.
    Then google and found your posting.
    I sent another text and said no way!
    What happens if they send a check… They have my address, I feeling very nervous…
    I feel like such a fool, who use cashier’s checks!!!

  • Mark Sanford

    Same story here. . . I told them I would gladly accept their offer of an overpaid check. They wanted my address, I told them I’d be more than happy to continue the transaction, but I needed a driver’s license number matching the check to instantly verify through the Federal Bureau of International Banking (LOL–an agency I made up) to protect THEM from fraudulent transactions. They returned a text that used the foulest language ever heard, ending it by threatening to bomb my house and kill my children. I kid you not. . . in broken english. I let them know that Homeland Security had been notified because of possible terrorist activity from the get-go and was tracking all communications.

  • Pamela Knight Delgado

    Thank you Jon. I just sent one such person a ‘hit the road’ text. My item hadn’t been on Craigslist 5 minutes. It just didn’t sound right. I didn’t have near as many ‘clues’ as you provided in this article. Just gut feelings. People should learn to trust that feeling. There is always another buyer out there!! ..boy was he MAD!!! 🙂

  • Roxann Huffman

    I got two scams simultaneously for the same object I was trying to sell. At first I thought I would accept the check, then looked online for how long it takes a check to really, really clear and it is 30 days, so I told both of these morons that I would accept cash only and then one of them started trying to buddy, buddy me up saying, “Good morning, how was ur night?” How inappropriate is that? And bad spelling to boot. It’s none of your d*** business how my night was you freak. Dang thieves wasting my time.

  • Rob

    Sandra Rivas wants to send Cashiers for $50 more than asking & have her shipper pick it up. Really nice try Sandra & why do you want this Truck Tool box I advertise on Craigslist…. Thanks for the article guys….saved me a hastle!

  • booboodafoo

    I tell them it’s either Western Union or cash and I only meet in a public place
    . Otherwise, no deal. It makes them go away real quick. Also, never ever give out your personal information to anyone on the internet. A person would have to give out their personal info to receive a check which is a big mistake. Than they can obtain your name, address, phone number etc. I learned in the past never trust anyone on the internet ever.

  • Mike Gable

    4 cashiers check scammers in the first 2 hours of post. The syntax is a dead giveaway, usage of the word ‘kindly’ cracks me up every time.

  • Rachel Vaughan

    I just listed something after a year of not listing. The same scam was attempted on me, over a year ago. I never fell for it. These assholes make me sick!

  • tchmom2001

    Should I accept a check from someone who wants to buy an item I posted on Craigslist? Says he’s out of town, wants my name and address so he can send me a check.

    • Donna Mentrasti

      Never! And never agree to transferring funds by Western Union…I got royally screwed once by someone on Craigslist this way!

  • tchmom2001

    Should I accept a check from an individual who wants to buy an item I posted on Craigslist? He says he’s out of town and wants to mail it to me.

    • NO! Never accept checks over Craigslist of any kind! ONLY cash! Hope this helps!

  • Alwin Barni

    Just got an offer for my item, the cashier check made me suspicious and thanks to the Internet I found your post, so thank you.

  • Caroline Ridge

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am selling a motorized wheelchair and the person said hi I’m interested in this and would like to purchase it. I replied that’s great I said I want 900 but if you would like to negotiate I will consider reasonable offers. He replied no the price is fine with me. That gave me a red flag. I mean someone who doesn’t want to negotiate a lower price when the seller is offering it? I thought I know I heard of things on Craigslist and something about false cashier’s check but I wasn’t sure cuz I don’t use Craigslist a lot. And my husband is completely a novice when it comes to Craigslist so he said tell him yeah. We were at a gathering so I just said well we’ll talk later but I did tell this person I think it’s name is Keith that yeah I’ll take a cashier’s check. But right after I did that there was something in the pit of my stomach and I looked up Craigslist and cashiers check scammers and found your story and even though my story isn’t exactly like yours I feel my story still sounds fishy. So I’m going to write him back that my husband said no cashier’s check cash only on delivery. And if he doesn’t like it too bad. It’s so crazy how people can be so evil and so selfish. I don’t mean to sound all religious but this screams that we are living in some serious sleep bad times where people would be lovers of money rather than lovers of God. So so long KEYT I may give him a friend’s PO box see if he sends it I don’t know but I am going to ask for cash. See what he tries to pull. Again thank you thank you thank you for your story and thank you all for your comments because it reinforced that gut feeling that this was not right. You all have a wonderful evening or day wherever you may be in the world.

  • tchmom2001

    Shredded check and notified authorities.

  • Avehail Marry

    So what will happen if you actually did become a scam victim and did give name and address. What to expect and how to protect yourself from the conciseness? Thanks

  • Sue

    I just fell for this. Fortunately, it seemed like an obvious scam when I received a cashiers check for $1200 over so I didn’t go any further. It is satisfying that the scammer is out the priority mail fee. I am concerned because I gave my address. Anyone have advice on what I should do to protect myself.

  • Scott Corrigan

    Here I am telling people I owe that two people are interested in my series of paintings. Now I have to tell them, I gotta keep looking for buyers. What a WASTE OF TIME. Gets me so mad. Scammers have no respect for people trying to actually make some things happen.

  • Celeste Maynard

    This is funny, because I just got a scammer that wants to buy my guinea pigs. He was saying how after I receive the check, I can send the item to him. For one, it is two guinea pigs. For two, they are not an item, they are animals. He even said he would give me an extra $50, to hold them for a little while. When I first saw this email, I knew it had to be fake. So I looked it up and found this, and was glad I did. Now, I can make them lose money, and I get to have some fun. 🙂

  • kavitha Shivaprakash

    Hello, Thank you so much, your post was so helpful. We are about to fall for a similar scam.

  • Noxiia

    I fell for it, too And only smartened up after the fact, I gave my name and address and would love to know if I should worry about it or not. I get the feeling that I shouldn’t because it says they are likely overseas and I doubt they would keep text records containing the address since they have to constantly change numbers. It’s just kinda funny because my scammer’s texts match up almost perfectly with the talk of movers, being an army whatever, and texting when they feel you’ve taken too long in deciding to make the deal. My scammer tried to get buddy buddy with me, too but their sentence structure was so off. Their Facebook page was beyond fake and empty. I really should’ve known better.

  • Bob DeYoung

    Thank you for writing this! Just got the same thing – sounded too good to be true. I think he expected me to put a 70’s Gravely walk-behind tractor in the USPS. 🙂

  • woodstock07

    Hey thank you so much for this article. I was trying to sell a bedroom suit and they told me if was going to be a birthday present for their daughter but they were out of town on business for a month. But they would send me a cashiers check and pay a little something extra just for holding it for them until I receive it. Then they would call a moving company to pick up the furniture after I receive the check. I knew this was all fishy, glad you confirmed this for me.

  • joan garcia

    I have a bunch of these checks, I have a collection going! LOL – just to mess with these scums. I always text them back that I got the check, (I have a PO BOX, so I feel kind of safe doing this), but that I am really poor with small children and if the check bounces my children will starve to death. I always get the “It’s a good check, I do not rip people off”! I also get a lot of “God Bless YOU” LOL
    I am hoping they are out the postage fee’s, but I am starting to think they have a way around that also.

  • Meagan Polk

    I want to thank u for writing this. I was a day away from being scammed!!!

  • Alicia Blackledge

    Thank you for this article! i received the same scam almost verbatim what you have shown! My only concern is that before i realized it was a scam i sent my address and name, should i be concerned?

  • giljamesbavel

    I got the exact same scam, by the numbers as you laid it out. For a $400 collectible, I eventually got a check for over FOUR TIMES that amount. He “would have loved to come over to check condition but i am currently not in town. My Movers (sic) will come over to pick up.” I texted back that I only take PayPal or cash, and he asked, “kindly get back to me with your full name and address where you want me to mail out the payment”. I responded with my address and said again that I’d only accept PayPal and that I’d set it aside for him after he paid me with PayPal. “ok… take the item off from craigslist and considered its (sic) sold to me”. I said, “I sure will, as soon as I get confirmation of your payment, which will show up immediately if you follow the link and use PayPal–I’ll get the money and you’ll get a secure form of payment and you’ll even get a receipt.” (I knew it was a scam, but wanted to see how it played out.) He thanked me for the address details and said he’d be sending my payment alongside with the mover’s payment and that “They will be coming for the pickup at your location or a public place. You deduct yours and send the excess funds to mover for the picking of the item. I hope we can trust each other .Good doing business with you. (sic)” I explained that he could just click my PayPal link and that “the rest is easier than anything else, I’ll get payment immediately and then I’ll set aside the (collectible) for you and take it off of craigslist. You’ll even get a receipt for your payment.” He responded, “i don’t have a paypal account okay (sic)” I told him he didn’t need one, and explained how PayPal worked. 10 days later I got another text, “Your item* was delivered in or at the mailbox at 3:59 PM on September 27, 2017 in [my city, state, and zip code]. “Kindly take to your bank and have it deposited notice funds will be available within a couples (sic) of hours and get back to me once you have the funds available okay” Then I texted back, “No” and that it was a stolen check and I wouldn’t be depositing it. Just like yours, the check was from one state and the zip code on the priority mail envelope was from another. He protested and tried to explain the movers fee–but I told him it was a scam and I wouldn’t have anything more to do with it. The moving company in NY shows up–Divine Moving and Storage–but they’re located at 854 3rd ave, not 54 3rd ave as the small return address says. The check says World Finance Corporation (TN) in blue–but also says Wells Fargo N.A. in Red–and has 2 different check numbers. There are watermarks and security features, and in the blue ink on the top, it reads, “The face of this document has a colored background on white paper” and on the bottom in blue ink, it reads, “The back of this document contains check security watermark and coin reactive ink.” When I rubbed the coin watermark with a coin, a key indeed showed up, and on the back, there is a list of security features, so it’s most likely a stolen (but real enough) check, but I’m not dumb enough to cash it. Another thing that happens is that someone will text me to email “my wife” at such and such email address if it’s still available, or _two_ email addresses “if ur collectible on CL still up for sale. Thanks.” This is an SMS phishing scam, as the number the text came from shows up as “390-1” That’s a few too few numerals for a real number. DON’T respond. Unfortunately, all too often, people don’t check to see if it’s a scam until they’ve already made the mistake. There are many scammers out there that are heartless, unfeeling animals that prey on the elderly and the unwary. Always, always demand cash. *Why is he calling the check an “item”? Thankfully, people that decide to scam for a living aren’t very bright, and the mistakes are _usually_ easy enough to spot.

  • LaChica DeTorres

    Happen to me two days ago- of course I was not born yesterday and scam them right back!! hahaha I told her I was interest and that I need it the money as soon as possible to please overnight it lol lol it was funny. and they did of course!! i’m here laughing at them.lol

  • DB

    Same thing happened to me with a couple other nuances … these folks tend to user burners for their texting with a change in their phone number mid-stream in my case … the check arrived in a priority envelope – just like the one depicted in this article! – drawn on a [bogus] MO bank with a bogus routing number for a company located in CO … the envelope was mailed from a company in GA. I was suspicious from the beginning with the ‘cashier check/mover’ story but was curious to see how it would play out … so, played along just for grins 😉

    Best points of advice from this post are [in order] … #1) ALWAYS apply the “too good to be true” test in transactions with with people you don’t know [and perhaps those you do know as well] … #2) NEVER engage an offer to pay with a cashier check [unless for entertainment value and to have these scumbags waste their time and money]

  • Allen Hirai

    So i was scammed like this also and i found it was a fraud then the guy textedme saying he would contact the cia and fbi and im like cia wtf cause cia is li,e for the president so im like hmmmmmm probably some indian and just ignored/blocked his number.

  • Shay-la Wilson

    So this just happened to me on Let It Go a few hours ago. I was selling an expensive jewelry set and he ‘had no issue with the price’ but wanted to send cashiers check because he ‘just brought items from a nearby church’ and couldn’t do PayPal. I didn’t feel comfortable giving my address so I looked online for alternatives and found this article. THANKS A MILLION! I would have been a victim.

  • Ronnie Car

    i’ve done this many times but have provided fake addresses for them to send the check to. usually apartment buildings without providing an apartment number. after a few days, of back and forth, i inform them that i sent their check to the local fbi field office and that i hope they will enjoy their jail cell. the go crazy. they send me emails cursing at me. seems they do not like having their time wasted.

  • Mike Josey

    The amount on the check, written in words, in incorrect.

  • crazybutnotwrong

    Why shouldn’t I be responsible when a bank cashes it then later says its bad