Shopify Embed Video Code

Embedding videos on Shopify is easy with this Shopify embedded video code. Copy the code below, and replace YOUR_VIDEO_URL with the URL of the video you copied from Shopify file manager: How to Embed Videos on Shopify Pages, Themes and Products For a tutorial on how to use this code to embed videos on your … Read more

Countries Banned From Obtaining TLS/SSL Certificates

Certificate Authorities must abide by government-mandated sanctions (commonly referred to as Foreign Sanctions Evaders List (OFAC) sanctions) against governments and regimes. In abiding to sanctions, TLS/SSL certificates cannot be issued to countries that are restricted. The following table provides a list of certificate providers, and the list of banned or embargoes countries which cannot be … Read more

WordPress Website Launch Checklist: Follow these 17 Steps

new website checklist

I make a ton of websites and I often forget simple things that are important. I made this checklist so that when I make a new site, I’m sure to check each one of these to-do items off the list so I don’t forget anything vitally important next time. Hopefully it helps you too. I’ll … Read more

List of Blog Aggregator Websites To Promote Your Blog

blog aggregators to promote your blog posts and websites

One of the hardest things that blog owners run into today is promoting their writing and content – you might have the greatest blog on the internet about a certain subject, but with no readers and zero traffic it doesn’t really matter if your article is excellent or awful because no-one will be reading! How … Read more

Website color scheme resources

Use these color resources to find your next website color scheme inspiration!

Use the resources below for color scheme inspiration, ideas, designs, and much more! Have a website to suggest? Leave a comment below and we might include it in this post! Paletton Paletton, the recommended color scheme chooser Paletton has a ton of useful features, from triad colors (three) with complements, to shading and brightness of … Read more