Website color scheme resources

Use the resources below for color scheme inspiration, ideas, designs, and much more! Have a website to suggest? Leave a comment below and we might include it in this post!

Paletton screenshot Paletton, the recommended color scheme chooser

Paletton has a ton of useful features, from triad colors (three) with complements, to shading and brightness of the colors you choose as well. A must have for all types of web design work. I use this website all the time. One of the other great features is the ability to click on of the colors you like and set it as your main color, changing the other complementary colors to fit your preference. It also has a web-safe color option, for those who need it.


Adobe Color (Formerly Adobe Kuler) Adobe Color (Formerly Adobe Kuler)

A more simplistic way to choose colors, Adobe Color is a free tool that you can use even if you don’t have an Adobe CC account. You can set a color rule to analogous, monochromatic, triad, and shading, to name a few. Takes a little while to master and may not be as straightforward as Paletton, but a handy tool none the less.

Color Hunter

Color Hunter is unique in that it requires an image for you to have similar color schemes  Every wanted to find the colors inside an image? Color Hunter can help with that.

Color Hunter is cool because you can search for a color scheme based on an image. This is especially useful if you are trying to match a color scheme to an existing logo or other pictures on the website. You can also browse the website to see what other pictures people have uploaded and what color scheme it has resulted in.


The Colrd palette section showcases other users' color palettes The Colrd palette section showcases other users’ color palettes

Colrd is a website that showcases other users’ color schemes and palettes publicly, so you can borrow designs or inspirations from others. You can also create your own color scheme on the website, or browse images similar to Color Hunter, mentioned above.

Hailpixel Color Scheme

The minimalist, easy color palette designer by Hailpixel

Hailpixel conveniently lets you choose colors of different shades that you can easily save or remove

The Hailpixel Color scheme designer is incredibly minimal. You drag your cursor around the page to decide what color you like, then click to save that color and move on to the next one. I got up to 10 different colors on one palette, and it looked like I could have kept going. Great if you don’t really have an idea of what you want to start with but want a lot of different color options all at once!


RAL Colors .com website image

A look at the yellow section of the colors from RALColors

RAL colors are a color scheme designed in 1993 that are used for color matching and created specifically for designers. There are 215 original RAL colors that can be used for a variety of different projects, especially for finding slight variations of a certain color (such as red). The nice thing about RAL colors is that they are compatible with offline elements as well, such as wall paint and lacquers.

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