A first look at iOS 9 Beta – Photos and Features

iOS 9 was released today, showing a brand new load of features such as Wallet, Battery Saver, and a ton of others. Check out these photos below to see the cool new features we checked out! 

1: New wallpapers

New wallpapers were released with iOS9 – including a really cool set of flowers

What’s cool about iOS 9 is the ability to switch back to the previous application you were using just by tapping the link in the upper left hand corner of the screen as you can see in the image below.

2: Siri screen makeover

Siri got a makeover with the new font and a really cool moving color wave at the bottom of the screen – it looks really sleek!

3: iTunes Radio – so far so good, the selection of radio stations you can choose from is a decent size, I am also impressed at the music app and how you can swipe to the sides in order to move from page to page.

4: Spotlight search gets a redo, and some extra added features

More pictures to come!

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