About Wiyre.com

My name is Jon, and I built Wiyre when I was in college as a way to share some tips I picked up when I started building my first website. When I first began learning about websites and e-commerce, I didn’t find many articles that were easy enough for me to understand as a non-developer. Wiyre was created partially as way to collect my thoughts and make it easy for other folks who were just getting started to learn from my mistakes.

The photo on the right was taken sometime in 2014, right around the time I started Wiyre.com. My dog and I have grown quite a bit since then, and so has the site. There have been over a million users who have visited the site, thousands of people have subscribed to the Wiyre.com YouTube channel, and I’ve gotten hundreds of emails from readers just like you who have found the content helpful.

I’m glad I have the chance to share what I learned, and I’m thankful to you for reading it! I’d love it if you got in touch.

Me and my dog
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