5 must-have WordPress plugins for niche websites in 2015

Niche websites have become increasingly popular especially for people who want to earn a bit of side income or those who want to write about a hobby they are passionate about. This post will breakdown 5 must-have WordPress plugins to ensure that your niche website functions properly and you can achieve the most visibility and income (if that’s what you’re going for). Keep in mind this list is always changing, some of the plugins here may be out of date since the time this was published, you can check back at any time to see if there are any updates, or suggest other plugins by leaving a comment down below. 

1: Contact Form 7

Plugin Details

A contact form is essential for those are looking to monetize your niche site with Google AdSense. The Google AdSense TOS mandates that you have a contact page for visitors to contact the webmaster. Contact Form 7 makes this incredibly easy. You can watch the video below to see how easy it is to get started with Contact Form 7.

2: Google Analytics by Yoast

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Google Analytics is an amazing free tool that will provide in-depth insights on the visitors of your website and how they found out about the site to begin with. This is really useful if you want to target a specific audience or certain keywords. In addition, Google Analytics will show you how your overall search traffic has grown over time, giving you a better understanding of not only the visitors, but countries, platforms, and languages your website has reached.

3: All in One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert

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There are a lot of SEO plugins that you can integrate with WordPress. I’ve found that the All in One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert is one of the best you’ll find for various reasons, one of them being the ability to target SEO keywords not only on specific pages and posts, but the entire site as well. In addition, META tags are automatically generated, saving you a lot of time in the long run. SEO is critical in ensuring that your niche site is viewed by as many people in your target audience as possible, so good, effective SEO is critical to a strong niche website. 

4: Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Brachhold

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An XML sitemap will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing better index your site and the contents within. Sitemaps don’t necessarily boost your search rankings, but they do allow search engines to crawl your website and expose your content that may not have a lot of backlinks (or any backlinks at all). You can also integrate a Google XML sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools. More information on how to do that will follow soon. 

5: Quick Adsense

Plugin Details

If you’re looking to monetize your niche site, you’ll need to take advantage of advertising space from either Google AdSense or a similar advertising company. The great thing about this plugin in particular is that you don’t need to use Google AdSense, any advertising code can be placed into the settings of the plugin. Keep in mind: If you are a Google AdSense affiliate, you can only have a max of three ads on a page at once. This plugin gives you the ability to add many more than three to a single page.

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